How To ‘Flush’ Your Browser Clutter (Multiple Browser Tabs)


As online entrepreneurs we work mostly on our web browsers and it’s not uncommon for many of us to have literally dozens of tabs (multiple browser tabs) in multiple windows open at the same time.

At the end of the day, we have so many small tabs in our browser that it’s almost impossible to see what each tab represents. (If you have more than 20 tabs open in Chrome, only the favicons will show up and the page titles disappear).

This gives you a feeling of being “choked” mentally and can cause anxiety and stress. It can lead to confusion, lack of focus and decreased productivity.

How did you end up in this situation?

I can make some guesses:

1) You did not finish a task on that browser tab
2) You have too many stuff going on at the same time
3) You do not use the bookmark feature of your browser

Since you are already in this situation, let’s do one thing first: Let’s “flush” your browser clutter. By flushing, I mean closing all those tabs and browser windows without worrying now. You can deal with them later after the “flush.”

If it’s at the end of the working day, “flushing” helps you start the next day with a fresh slate. More breathing room in the browser. A feeling of fresh air.

There are two ways I do a flush of browser clutter.

1) Bookmarking each tab in a bookmark folder for open tabs. I create a bookmark folder named “Todo” or “Open Tabs” and save every open tab in that folder. After saving to the folder, I close the tab and worry about it later.

2) Save each tab URL in a notepad file with a date as filename, and saving the file in a folder named appropriately, such as “Open Tabs.”

After doing any of these methods, I can then open each tab and review what I needed to on that URL. I can then decide to move the URL to a permanent bookmark folder, act on the item on the URL or discard the tab.

Do this everytime you feel cluttered in the browser and it will improve your productivity.

In a separate post, I will show you how to avoid having so many tabs open at the same time.


~ Gerry

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