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Business, Marketing, Technology and Self Hacking

Our guides and courses help entrepreneurs succeed in their online business with training in online marketing, website technology, and “self hacking” or self-improvement. They come in the form of easy to digest format such as PDF ebook, ‘cheatsheets’, templates, mindmaps, video and audio.

Business & Entrepreneurship

flat-rocketBusiness Builder guides and courses take you through the process of defining your business goals and mission, a and actually launching your products and services on the web.


Business Builder guides and courses take you through the process of defining your business goals and mission. If you are an entrepreneur seeking to sell your expertise, services or products online, Business Builder guides and courses will help you get started and establish relevant internet presence. From defining your mission to setting up your products and services to launching — so you are ready to generate revenue and grow your income streams

Internet Marketing

flat-rank-barInternet marketing or online marketing topics comprise the main portion of our courses. With your business established, and products and services in place, you are ready to market. The goal of internet marketing is to generate traffic to your site, gather leads, nurture these leads, convert customers and grow your sales. Take a look at our courses

  • Web Traffic Overdrive – launch May 2015

Traffic and Advertising

Blogging and Content Marketing

Blogging is just a part of Content Marketing. On the web, “Content is king” that is why we have this special section. With blogging and content generation, you can establish your authority in your niche.

  • Video Blogging – launch May 2015
  • eBook Publishing for Fun and Profit launch – May 2015

Social Media

Technology, Tools and Software Training

flat-computer-monitorLet’s face it: we all have to deal with web technology specially when starting out or bootstrapping. You have to create a website, deal with servers and software and also learn the tools of marketing. Our Technology Campus helps you clear the headaches associated with technology so you can focus on your business.

  • Optimized WordPress (Videos) –  launch May 2015
  • Site Security Guide (PDF) – launch May 2015

Self Hacking

flat-idea-bulbEvery entrepreneur is challenged by himself or herself: weaknesses, bad habits, procrastination, lack of focus and motivation. Self Hacking courses deal with the inner self, the brain and even the body.