3 Ten-Minute Tutorials to Use Amazon AWS and EC2 To Run Your Website

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Web developers love Amazon Web Services such as EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) and the more common S3 Storage.

But if you’re not the web developer and geek type, you might find AWS too overwhelming for your basic business needs such as simply running a website. After all, there are many Cpanel hosts around where you can install and run WordPress in a few clicks.

If you’re not tech savvy but you’re the type who wants to do things yourself, here are excellent 10-minute tutorials on three ways you can use AWS for your business today.

1) Create a VPS (to host your site on Amazon’s fast servers) – 10 minute tutorial

2) Launch a WordPress site on EC2 – 10 Minute Tutorial

2) Register a domain name – 10 Minute Tutorial

There are other 10-minute tutorials which you can find on https://aws.amazon.com/start-now/ but start with the three above to get the basics.

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