10 of the Best Free Guides to Dropshipping


In today’s post, I will share with you 10 of the best guides to dropshipping published for free online.

I already have three online stores running on the dropshipping business model and these guides helped me in launching my business.

If you arrived here on this post from the search engines, I would assume you already know what dropshipping is. If you came here to learn more about dropshipping, then let me briefly tell you what dropshipping is. Let’s say you want to sell toys on eBay or your own online store, but you don’t want to stock your garage or living room with boxes of toys hoping to sell them and clear your inventory (it doesn’t happen like magic 🙂 ).  So you want to sell and yet don’t want to worry about inventory and spending a fortune purchasing inventory. You can do “dropshipping.” What you do is find a source of the product, then have an arrangement with the source (the “dropshipper”) to ship the product to the customer on your behalf, without any information on the packaging that it came from the “dropshipper.” Basically it’s a white label supplier doing the shipping for you. All you do is pay them for the product and shipping, and keep the profits you made from selling it at a marked up price.

If you already know dropshipping, you are on your way to getting more advanced knowledge from the guides listed here. I came up with what I consider the 10 best guides to dropshipping, not sorted in any order.

In the future versions of this article I will summarize each guide listed above, and also expect any of these guides to fall off the list as I discover better guides.

If you know any guide that deserves to be on this list, please let me know in the comments below. The guides should be free and not teasers to a paid guide.

Good luck on your dropshipping-powered store and may you have a successful online business!

~ Gerry

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