SEO Keyword Research Training Pack

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This SEO Keyword Research Training Pack (bundle) contains:

* Keyword Research Simplified (Video Series)*

* Keyword Goldrush *

Component Details:

Keyword Research Simplified (Video Series)


productKeyword Research Simplified – easy to understand information packed HQ video series will take you by the hand and take you through the process of using keyword research to get best results for your business.

  • LIVE showcase of best techniques.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Boost your Traffic generation efforts to get more visitors to your website
  • Save money by lowering CPC of your campaigns.
  • Find new markets to expand your customer base.

In Video #1 –  You will have a basic introduction that will guide you easily through the process. You will get to know how to get the keywords that no person is targeting, how to analyze the competition, determining what is important and which keywords give results for SEO.

In Video #2 – You will learn about the basics of using Google Keyword Tool and use it for your benefit. We will tell you the major mistakes that are being done by business owners.

In Video #3 –  You will get to know what is Ubersuggest method exactly. You will know the basic technique how to use it correctly along with a complete over-the-shoulder method that makes your journey very smooth.

In Video #4 – You will know how to use Google Keyword tool in an efficient manner in order to get best results for your business.

In Video #5 – You will be able to know exactly what types of keywords you need to go after. You will be able to remove bad keywords to make your list of keywords precise.

In Video #6 – You will get helpful information about how to analyze the competiton and also determine what is needed to rank for specific keywords. The over-the-shoulder section will guide you easily on how to go about doing this in the most simplest manner.

In Video #7 – You will come to know about a case study on how to find out few profitable keywords in different niches for your benefit.

In Video #8 – You will have another case study on how to find keywords live that are ranging in high, medium and low competition which is focused on how to play guitar niche.

In Video #9 – This video is continuation of the earlier case study that takes your knowledge further with the help of an excel sheet.

In Video #10 – Conclusion Video that helps you to revise everything that you learned in this course.



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