How to Edit A Custom Tab on Your Facebook Page in 3 Easy Steps

I recently added created a campaign on Lead Monster (a popup service), and used their Install on Facebook feature to add an optin form on a Facebook page.

The Lead Monster app created a new tab on the Facebook page but the tab name read: “Lead Monster Tab”

I did not want the Facebook page followers and visitors to see “Lead Monster Tab,” of course, so I needed to change the tab to say something else: “Free Articles” because the lead magnet was free 100 high quality white label articles for lead generation for four hot topics.

So here’s what I did to change the tab name. Just follow these 3 easy steps to change a tab name on your Facebook page.

Step 1

On your page Settings, click on App menu item on the sidebar (screenshot below)



Step 2

You will see a list of apps for this page. On the app which you want to change tab name, click on: Edit Settings



Step 3

Enter the new tab name and Save


Finally, confirm and test!


The Facebook tab name has been changed.



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