2 Tips for ‘Honest’ Affiliate Marketing

speakers-453475_640Are you failing at affiliate marketing? Do you think the business model doesn’t work because you’ve never made money promoting products as an affiliate?

I don’t blame you.

Affiliate marketing is not as simple as placing an ad or a post on the web and expect to make commissions right away.

The way you promote a product has a significant impact on your promotional campaigns for that product.

An an affiliate marketer myself, I can tell you that I used to suck at affiliate marketing and almost gave up.

Then I realized I was doing it all wrong. I was just posting affiliate links on my sites without giving much thought.

It was only when I introduced these changes in the way I do affiliate marketing did my efforts got paid back handsomely.

I believe that if you take these tips with you, you will be successful in your affiliate marketing.

#1 Promote a Product Only That You are Confident About

There are literally millions of products on the market and a good majority of these run affiliate programs, so it’s not difficult to find good products to promote as an affiliate.

However, it’s just not a matter of finding a good product. You have to know yourself that it is indeed good and accomplishes what it says it will accomplish.

Basing a product recommendation on reviews and testimonies of others is not enough proof that the product will be good for your site visitors, subscribers and customers.

If possible, you have to use the product — read it if its a guide or book, use if if its a software or service — and promote the product if you are confident and you can put your name behind the recommendation.

#2 Never Sell the Product Directly

As an affiliate, you could be tempted to swipe copy off the product salespage and use it on your blog post, article or review.

In today’s social web, most people buy based on trusted recommendations, so you have to get the trust of prospect first.

Simply repeating the salespitch or making a direct salespitch for the product will be less effective than making a recommendation based on your experience with the product or service.

Don’t sell the product directly like it’s yours. You could end up answering support tickets for the products from the customers who thought you were the seller.

Rather promote the product based on your experiences. For example, rather than selling the product directly, you can talk about it in such terms:

  •  ‘My experience….’
  • ‘I used and liked Product X’
  • ‘This product helped me do __ and that…’

You get the idea.

By talking about the product or service in this manner, you are able to build trust with your visitors who see you as being honest, helpful rather than someone hard selling. There is less perceived sales pressure and prospects are far more receptive to making a purchase.

By doing these two things, you are doing honest affiliate marketing which is the better way of making a long-term income as an affiliate marketer.

Buyers are tired of being fed lies by dishonest affiliate marketers and being offered products that are inferior or useless. Buyers are demanding more honesty and value for their money!

If you’re known as an honest affiliate marketer, people will come back to you and check out your other recommendations.

Also, by recommeding affiliate products that are of high quality and useful, you improve your chances of success in selling your own products.

About Gerry Lacuarta

Publisher and Editor of Online Biz Success Magazine, Gerry helps online entrepreneurs get more traffic, leads and customers through various channels of online marketing. His company, GerryMedia, provides web development, media and marketing services to clients worldwide.
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